Assault concerns the use of force to injure another or to make offensive contact. These charges can be a misdemeanor or felony depending on the seriousness. The causing of serious injury, use of a deadly weapon or assault while committing robbery can greatly increase the penalties with years of prison at stake. If you have been arrested for these charges, it is vital to contact a strong and effective criminal defense lawyer in Houston to defend your rights. Violent crimes are punished harshly in our state.

Recently there has been great interest in the prosecution of assault in the household. In Harris County, an entire division of the District Attorney’s office is authorized to prosecute domestic violence, spousal and family abuse. Often times, these prosecutions are overzealous, and result in unnecessary protective orders.


Defense at Trial

We vigorously present our client’s defense. We also insist that the prosecution prove its case. With our backgrounds as former prosecutors, we are alert to prosecutor tactics and quick to counter. Where the state’s evidence does not add up, we bring it to light. We rigorously cross-examine the state’s witnesses and point out inconsistencies, exaggerations and lies in their testimony. Our purpose is to establish a reasonable doubt requiring acquittal. We are accomplished in obtaining dismissals and acquittals for our clients. We urge you to contact an assault and battery lawyer at the firm for a free confidential consultation.