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Firm Overview: Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

Our legal team has outstanding qualifications that are rarely found in one firm. We have a former Chief Prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer that is Board-Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Our extensive experience on both sides of the aisle is a significant benefit to the clients we represent, both in and outside the courtroom. In many cases, by taking immediate action prior to the filing of formal charges, we can get involved to mitigate the potential damage of a conviction through negotiating on your behalf. Other cases may require a trial.

About Ed Chernoff
Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

Exceptional Defense for Criminal Charges

Not all law firms have the extensive experience in presenting a case at trial, nor the necessary talent to be successful in presenting a compelling case for the defense. It cannot be argued that this is a significant aspect of criminal law, and we bring some very talented and experienced legal minds to the table on behalf of those accused of a variety of serious criminal offenses, from misdemeanors such as DWI through to murder or manslaughter or other violent crimes.

The ramifications of being convicted of a criminal offense, even misdemeanor charges, can be much more serious than the jail time, fines, and other court mandated requirements. Your ability to get quality employment, get involved in future businesses, ability to have certain professional licenses and other problems can arise after a conviction, with long term negative effects. We strongly advise that you contact our firm at once if you are accused of any criminal offense and are hoping to avoid conviction. We will advise you as to our planned strategy and how we will address your case and what we expect as an outcome after our efforts. We are very committed to our clients – and the will to win.

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