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Child Abuse Defense Attorney

There are few cases taken more seriously by Texas prosecutors than one involving the abuse or neglect of a child. Under Texas Penal Code, Chapter 22, injury to a child, including an omission to care for a child, that results in bodily injury, serious mental deficiency or impairment could result in the filing of a first degree felony. Child abuse charges can include sexual abuse of children, unreasonable physical abuse, or sexual assault. In any of these cases, it is not unusual for the State to seek substantial prison time.  Tp avoid this, you need an experienced Child Abuse Defense Attorney.

You should not take any investigation into these matters lightly. If Child Protective Services is performing an investigation based on accusations of child abuse, it is absolutely necessary that you obtain a strong and experienced criminal defense lawyer for child abuse cases.

Child Abuse Defense Attorney in Houston

Here at Chernoff Law, we have represented many persons charged with child abuse in the Houston area. We do not judge our clients. We understand that while some are guilty of charges, many are not. We have represented individuals who were being accused out of spite because a family situation has deteriorated. Some parents we have represented have innocently and accidentally injured their child, and the investigation has gotten out of hand. We investigate all allegations and, if needed, use our investigators to uncover the truth. We reconstruct the incident connected to the charge and fully develop our client’s defenses.

Trial Defense

Some child abuse cases must go to trial. This is not the place for an inexperienced lawyer! You need an experienced lawyer for child abuse cases. At trial we vigorously present our client’s case. We challenge the state’s evidence and expose gaps and inadequacies in their proof. We cross-examine state witnesses and bring light  to any inconsistencies, untruths, and outright lies. Our goal is to establish a reasonable doubt in the state’s case that compels acquittal.

We have won many dismissals, no-bills in Grand Jury, and acquittals for our clients. We urge you to contact Chernoff Law for a free, confidential consultation to find a Child Abuse Defense Attorney.