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Criminal Lawyer for Family Assault

Why Hire a Houston Attorney for Assault of Family Member?

Family matters and passions about love, marriage and relationships can bring out the best and the worst in people and can create complicated emotional situations. When police are called to the scene of a domestic quarrel, the matter is no longer fully within the control of those involved. If an arrest is made, prosecution will be pursued under strict domestic violence laws, regardless of whether an alleged victim chooses to file charges or not. If you have been arrested or accused of any domestic abuse offense, it is imperative to obtain exemplary legal counsel from a Houston domestic violence lawyer.

What if My Wife Wants Charges Dropped?

Many times after a spouse is arrested, things calm down and the accusing spouse wants things to go back to normal. However, this is impossible because of the pending family assault case. It seems reasonable to her that all she needs to do is tell the prosecutor that she doesn’t want them involved and wants the case dropped. She is shocked to find out that the Assistant District Attorney is not going to abide by her request. In these circumstances, the charged spouse may think she is not doing enough to make the case go away, and they are both confused.All is not lost. A good experienced Houston Lawyer for Family Assault can help make this happen for you.

The Need for a Criminal Lawyer for Family Assault

The law is a highly complex area, and successful negotiation and defense requires specialized training and experience. Your attorney can help protect your legal rights and interests through each step of the process, from hearings regarding protective orders to pre-trial negotiation with prosecutors and strong action in the courtroom during possible trials and appeals. When your future is hanging in the balance – potential criminal record, custody issues, living arrangements, involvement in the lives of your children – it is critical that you have experienced and aggressive legal representation who is committed to defending your case.

Skilled Help in Your Time of Need

At Chernoff Law, our Houston Assault Lawyer has years of experience in both prosecution and criminal defense, and is a certified specialist in criminal law. We care deeply about your needs, and will work tirelessly on your behalf. No matter what the charges may be, you deserve outstanding legal counsel. This is your right! We are recognized for our aggressive defense in criminal matters related to domestic violence and we look forward to helping you.