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DWI and Drugs

Driving and Drug Charges in Houston

The charge of DWI does not only apply to operating a vehicle after having consumed alcohol. Intoxication means not having the normal physical or mental faculties due to alcohol or drugs in your system, or a combination of both. The primary concern with drugged driving is that the operator of the vehicle could have impaired motor skills, judgment and reaction time. The penalties for driving while under the influence of drugs (DWI and drugs) are the same as an alcohol related DWI.

If you are pulled over by an officer, either at a regular checkpoint or due to suspected DWI, he can administer field sobriety tests if he feels there are signs that you may be under the influence of drugs. If the officer has reason to believe you are driving under the influence of drugs, he will immediately arrest you and search your vehicle. This could result in a further charge of drug possession, which could have serious consequences. A Houston DWI lawyer will be able to review your case and lay out the best course of action for your defense.

How We Can Help

Being charged with driving under the influence of drugs can adversely affect your future if you are not represented by a skilled attorney. Not only will you potentially face fines of thousands of dollars, but your license could be suspended and you may be sentenced to jail.

At Chernoff Law, we are committed to helping our clients when they have been charged with a DWI. There are a number of issues involved in a DWI charge that can be challenged, which may result in dismissal of your case, or a lesser penalty imposed. A skilled attorney at our firm can provide legal representation to you or a family member if you are facing a charge of driving while under the influence of drugs.