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Money Laundering Lawyer

Information about Money Laundering and Money Laundering Lawyer

Money laundering refers to the attempt to conceal or disguise the source of illicitly acquired funds from illegal activities. This is the most basic definition of money laundering, but it can include many different types of practices such as false accounting, tax evasion, creating fictitious cover-companies, drug crimes and trafficking. Essentially anything that turns “dirty” or illegally obtained money into “clean” money with untraceable trails, can be classified as money laundering.

The act of money laundering is punishable both on state and federal levels and requires that attorneys be qualified and well versed in handling cases of this magnitude. At Chernoff Law, you will find that a white collar crime lawyer from our firm will be able to provide the legal expertise needed to seek the most favorable outcome for those who are being investigated or charged with money laundering crimes.

Defense for Money Laundering Cases in Houston Require a Money Laundering Attorney

Since money laundering cases can be difficult to prove, because of the complexities of the transactions involved, extensive, long-term investigations will most likely take place by state and/or federal prosecutors when they are attempting to convict an individual or organization of this crime. Having solid legal representation through this process is especially important to try and avoid a criminal conviction and the penalties, fines and substantial prison sentences that can be associated.

At Chernoff Law, our experienced criminal defense attorney is board-certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and is familiar with the criminal procedures used to try and limit your freedom. We are dedicated to fighting for the legal rights of anyone we represent, and urge you to contact our legal team at once if accused or under investigation at either the state or federal level to obtain a money laundering lawyer.