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Mortgage Fraud Attorney

Accused of mortgage fraud?  You need a mortgage fraud lawyer.

Facing an investigation or being indicted or charged with mortgage fraud requires the assistance of an experienced mortgage fraud lawyer. Having legal representation that has experience in all areas of mortgage fraud is critical if your goal is to avoid punishment in a case of this nature.

Mortgage fraud reached its peak in 2008, but continued to rise in 2010 as it adapted to economic changes and modifications in lending practices. The total dollar losses attributed to mortgage fraud is unknown, but it is estimated to be in the billions. Mortgage fraud is normally committed by those who have experience in the banking and mortgage-related industries such as construction, finance, brokerage, accountants and bank account representatives.

Mortgage fraud can include several different practices. Property or housing fraud, whereby a loan applicant misrepresents him or herself, is one common type of fraud. Another type involves industry professionals falsely inflating property values as well as issuing loans for fictitious properties. There is also an illegal form of property flipping involving phony appraisals and fake loan documents. The government has been keeping a close eye on fraud in property flipping, commercial loans and builder bailout schemes.

Building Your Defense

If you or someone you know is involved in an investigation for, or has been charged with mortgage fraud, we are prepared to protect and defend your legal rights. At Chernoff Law, our board certified mortgage fraud attorney is well versed in mortgage laws and has represented clients in state and federal courts.

Our experience speaks for itself and we are familiar with all procedures and evidence used to try and limit the freedoms of those who are accused. This helps us build effective defensive strategies for clients going through mortgage fraud cases who have been falsely caught up in the investigative net. Our number one goal is to win every battle possible and we will stand up to any unfair prosecution we encounter on your behalf. Our mortgage fraud lawyer is standing by now to help you with your case.