Wire Fraud and Internet Fraud Lawyers

Have you been charged with wire fraud in the Houston area? You need a internet crime lawyer.

Wire fraud is a white collar crime similar to mail fraud. Wire fraud is the attempt to steal money or property through fraud or deception while utilizing “wire” means such as the internet, telephones, radio, television or electronic financial transactions. Accusations of wire fraud are particularly dangerous because they are charged in federal court, where the penalties can be severe under the Federal Sentencing guidelines. Wire fraud crimes often cross state lines and are often part of another serious white collar crime case. Contact a white collar or internet crime lawyer immediately if you have been charged with committing wire fraud or any other white collar crime.

When transmission of information through the communications systems is part of a criminal activity, charges will be filed against you that can result in severe penalties if convicted. Ensuring you have the legal representation of an internet crime lawyer who is fully familiar with defending cases in federal court, and has the resources to draw upon to defend your case is an urgent matter. We urge you to contact our firm at once if you are accused of wire fraud, either in conjunction with another criminal offense or as your only offense. In either case, your future is at risk without immediate defense action on your behalf.

Fighting Your Charges in Court

Individuals accused of committing wire fraud or in the Houston area should immediately contact a federal crime attorney from Chernoff Law to seek legal advice and secure aggressive representation. At our firm, our founding attorney is board certified in criminal defense and we have a proven record of successfully defending clients against allegations of white collar crime in both the state and federal criminal systems. Contact our firm today for a comprehensive review of your case if you or a loved one has been accused of committing wire fraud and are seeking a high quality legal team with a proven history of success.