About Fraud Crimes

The attempt or act of using deceit to take another’s services, money or property is called fraud. Fraud often falls under the general category of “white collar crime” because these offenses are frequently committed by a business person or during business relations between a client and service provider, employee and employer or between family members.

Because of the current economic state, investigators are energetic in locating and prosecuting individuals who use misrepresentation to gain financially. In their zeal to bring charges, their investigation may connect innocent persons to fraudulent activity. If you become aware that you are in any way connected to a fraud investigation talk with a criminal defense attorney immediately. It can be much faster and less expensive to prevent charges from being filed in the first place than to fight fraud charges later and win an acquittal.

Overview of Fraud Schemes

Fraudulent schemes can be simple or very complex. Sometimes business ventures or investment activities are so complicated it may only appear a theft scheme has been attempted. In some cases documents have been altered so it appears to an investigator that the person who signed the agreement was a party to some conspiracy. Untangling such situations to expose the truth and flaws in the prosecution’s case depends solely upon having a knowledgeable fraud crimes lawyer protecting your interests. Some types of fraud an individual or a business might face in federal or state courts may be related to the following activities:

  • Loan origination
  • Mortgage Brokering
  • Bank documents
  • Computer hacking
  • Insurance sales
  • Commercial real estate
  • Corporate contracts
  • Credit card use
  • Internet sales schemes

Our firm’s founding attorney is a former prosecutor who has extensive experience in both prosecution and in the criminal defense of complex fraud cases. Our expertise has resulted in a long record of obtaining positive outcomes for numerous clients throughout the state of Texas. Call Chernoff Law for a consultation with a skilled and aggressive criminal defense lawyer.