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Robbery and Burglary Crimes in Texas

Robbery and burglary are theft crimes. Robbery is the taking of another’s money or property using verbal threat or force. The use of a weapon during a robbery is aggravated robbery. Burglary is the unlawful entry into a building or vehicle in order to commit a theft, assault or a felony. Both Robbery and Burglary are felonies with penalties of fines and incarceration and usually restitution. If you or a loved one has been charged with robbery or burglary, consult a Houston criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Burglary Lawyer in Houston

If this is a first offense it is important to avoid having a conviction on your record. It can have a significant impact upon your future when you apply for a job or to a college as college boards and employers very often conduct a background check. It is not unusual for kids to be caught up in a prank that results in a burglary charge.  An experienced robbery and burglary lawyer can often intercede in such cases to avoid prosecution. Juvenile offenses involving robbery or burglary should be defended by an experienced defense lawyer who is fully knowledgeable in the juvenile court system.

Even if you are told that an eye witness has identified you so you may as well confess, this does not mean you will be convicted in a trial. You are entitled to a powerful defense. Eyewitnesses are often mistaken in making an identification, but it can take an aggressive criminal defense lawyer to deal with such persuasive testimony. Each case is unique and requires a creative approach when designing an effective defense strategy. Our determination to achieve a positive outcome has brought clients from all over the state to our office. Call Chernoff Law for an initial consultation at no charge.