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Murder & Manslaughter

There are several different types of murder and manslaughter charges that one can be charged with in Texas. Involuntary manslaughter is reckless conduct which results in the death of another without premeditation or malice. For example, an accidental death caused by reckless driving or violation of driving laws will be charged as involuntary manslaughter. Murder is intentionally causing the death of another, and capital murder is a premeditated taking of the life of another and includes killing more than one person, killing a police officer, a child or causing a death in the act of committing a violent felony.

In Texas, all of these crimes are considered criminal homicide offenses and will result in felony charges of varying degrees. The penalties for these offenses include imprisonment from 2 years to life, or in some cases the death penalty. These are some of the most serious of violent crimes with the most severe penalties in the state, and anyone accused of murder or manslaughter should consult a Houston criminal defense attorney for a full explanation of the charges.

Defending Murder or Manslaughter Charges

False accusations of murder and manslaughter can occur in various ways from mistaken identity to misinterpretation of an attempt to defend oneself or another from harm. Investigators are not always unbiased. Very often they start an investigation with a presumption of guilt of wrongdoing and look for evidence that supports that presumption. An overzealous law enforcement investigator may call a simple tragic accident vehicular manslaughter.

When you are accused of or charged with a homicide offense you face a very real threat of losing your freedom and more. It is up to you to take effective action in your own defense. The development of a powerful defense can depend upon a thorough investigation into the facts of the case and the credibility of any witnesses. Expert testimony may be required by independent accident reconstruction experts or forensic scientists. A skilled lawyer with our firm has years of expertise in preparing and clearly presenting a compelling defense.


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