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Our Sole Mission is to Protect and Defend our Clients from the Government in all Criminal Matters with the Best Criminal Defense available!

Chernoff Law will aggressively defend our clients against a government intent on prosecution with experienced criminal defense attorneys. Our firm’s former District Attorney fights to protect our clients at every stage of their criminal case. We provide criminal defense in federal cases and all state felony and misdemeanor cases in Texas.

Parole Violations

Those who are charged with crimes may get parole or supervised release as part of their sentence. There are strict punishments in place for those who violate the terms of their release. Anyone who is accused of a violation has the right to a hearing.


An appeal is the formal process of asking for a change in the court or jury decision. Those who wish to make an appeal of their conviction should seek experienced legal help for the best chance of having the appeal considered. However, there is a very short period of time after conviction within which to appeal.

Domestic Violence

Texas Statutes Chapter 22 of penal code covers the crimes of assault. Assault involved contact with another individual that is offensive or injurious. It can take on the form of sexual assault, aggravated assault, harassment and other related crimes.

Restraining Orders

A restraining order is not necessarily a criminal charge, but those that violate a restraining order may face a criminal charge. If convicted, a person who violates a restraining order could face fines and even jail time.

Bench Warrants

Similar to an arrest warrant, a bench warrant against a person means that they can be arrested on the spot if found by law enforcement. Most commonly, a bench warrant is issued against those who failed to show up in court, or is identified as a subpoened witness who refuses to appear at trial.

Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct falls under the realm of offenses against public health, safety and morals according to Texas criminal law. This can include public intoxication and other activities. It is mostly a Class C misdemeanor.

Drug Charges

There are a number of different individual criminal offenses that fall under the category of “drug crimes.” These cases require particular attention to a review of the client’s constitutional rights in order to obtain a dismissal or acquittal.

DWI/DUI Drunk Driving

Too often people pulled over for drunk driving think they have no defense, so they plead guilty. This is a serious mistake. There may be defense strategies we can use to challenge the field test or breath test. Don’t risk license suspension or revocation.


Having your criminal record expunged means that it has been wiped clean of all your criminal charges. However, there are certain requirements that must be met in order to quality.

Federal Crimes

Charges placed on a person by the government are difficult to combat, but not impossible. Crimes such as fraud, internet crimes and some sex crimes can be classified as federal offenses.

Firearm & Gun Charges

All State’s have different gun laws. Texas allows an individuals to openly carry a variety of firearms with or without a license. A concealed weapon may require the holder to have a concealed handgun license. Weapons crimes that result in an assault will carry serious penalties.

Fraud Crimes

Fraud is a serious offense. By its nature, it is the intentional deception for the sake of personal gain. When Fraud is charged as a conspiracy, a whole host of defense difficulties may occur.

Hit & Run

This is also commonly referred to as failure to stop and give information or failure to stop and give aid. Those who are involved in a traffic collision but then do not stay at the scene until authorities show up may be charged.

Identity Theft

This is a very specific form of theft. It is unauthorized use of a person’s personal information with the intent to steal their money or other assets. This is commonly an internet crime, but can take other forms as well.

Internet Crimes

There are numerous crimes committed through the Internet, and these crimes can be investigated by the FBI and other federal agencies.

Juvenile Charges

Minors accused of committing crimes face different legal proceedings than adults. Juvenile cases are supposed to be handled with more of an emphasis on rehabilitating the minor, as opposed to simply enforcing harsh penalties. However, there are situations where a minor may be tried as an adult and may face the same penalties as an adult would. Therefore, we provide experienced defense counsel in all juvenile crime cases.


It is not uncommon for kidnapping charges to be placed on those who are actually the legal guardians or biological parents of a child. Any type of kidnapping charge is serious, and will constitute a felony.


Texas Penal Code, Chapter 19 deals with the types of crimes that constitute murder. Capital murder, Murder, Involuntary Manslaughter and Negligent Homicide will all have different penalties.

Resisting Arrest or Evading Arrest

Evading arrest can include running away from a police officer or failing to pull over when directed to do so. Resisting arrest is an assaultive offense, and can be charged when a person who is being arrested pushes or assaults the officer in some way to avoid the arrest. Sometimes an offense can be heightened to an Aggravated Assault.

Houston Theft Lawyer

Chapter 31 of the Texas Penal Code covers the regulations and punishments for crimes against property. Theft is a broad criminal charge that can range from misdemeanor to felony depending on the amount of property stolen.

Violent Crimes

These crimes are defined by their violent nature. This can be murder, rape, aggravated assault and kidnapping. Violent crimes carry with them more serious penalties, especially if a deadly weapon is involved.

White Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes inevitably involve money being taken from companies, large and small. These crimes are usually charged as fraud, embezzlement, insider trading, conspiracy or simple theft.

Search & Seizure

A police officer only has the right to search your persons or your property if they have just cause. In some cases, officers must obtain a search warrant before they do so.

Sex Crimes

All sex crime charges are extremely serious. Conviction carries the threat of mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender. Get immediate and strong defense, particularly if accusations are being made by a child. If Children’s Protective Service has become involved, do not make any statements without legal defense. Your Chernoff Law attorney will be by your side during any police investigation.

Child Abuse

Crimes against children are taken extremely seriously. For sexual crimes, a child is defined as any individual under the age of 17. Child abuse can be physical or sexual.


In legal terms, a warrant is a written document that allows a peace officer to search or arrest.

Traffic Offenses

Traffic tickets for moving violations are Class C misdemeanors in Texas, and will request a person to pay a fine as a penalty. However, paying this fine is tantamount to admitting guilt and a record will result. You can combat these tickets.

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