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Individuals who have been convicted of a crime have not reached the end of the criminal process. A Defendant who is convicted at trial, has the right to seek review of his conviction by appeal. In certain circumstances, a conviction as a result of a plea of guilty may be appealed. This right is severely limited by waivers and appellate jurisprudence.

In some circumstances, irrespective of waiver, a criminal defendant may seek relief by post-conviction writ of habeas corpus. The basis of this relief is fundamental fairness as dictated by the due process clause of the Texas and U.S. Constitutions. If a defendant has made his plea because of misinformation or the ineffectiveness of his counsel, he may have grounds to seek relief.

A post-conviction writ or appeal may be right for you and a Houston criminal defense attorney specializing in criminal matters, including appeals will be able to provide you with answers and recommendations when considering an appeal.

Are you ready to appeal a court decision?

If you or a loved one has been convicted of a crime, now is not the time to give up! By appealing a criminal conviction you may be able to overturn the court’s decision and ultimately erase the conviction from your record. An experienced appellate lawyer from Chernoff Law will fight for your post-conviction rights and represent you in appellate or trial court.

The criminal appeals process is long, complicated, and the likelihood of success is dependent on many factors.

A criminal defense attorney from our experienced legal team will discuss your criminal conviction with you and determine if you have reasonable cause for an appeal. Our founding attorney is board certified in criminal defense and specializes in representing clients facing criminal charges and those who have already received a criminal conviction.

You must remember that the window for appealing a criminal court decision is limited. Your initial consultation with a criminal defense lawyer at our firm is free and confidential and we urge you to act soon.