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Resisting Arrest in Houston, Texas

In some cases, a defendant can be criminally charged with resisting arrest if they struggled with a police officer who was attempting to put them into handcuff, if they ran away or if they fought against being put into a prison cell. Unfortunately, this is an extremely subjective type of criminal charge and can often fall into areas of gray. For example, resisting arrest charges do not take into consideration instances where excessive force was used by a police officer or situations where the defendant did not recognize the arresting person to be a police officer. In these cases, wrongful accusations can be made and compounded on top of preexisting criminal charges.

Have you been charged with resisting arrest?

Should an individual be criminally charged with resisting arrest, they will be facing a Class A misdemeanor – this carries with it fines up to $4,000, as well as a prison term for up to a year. If the resistance was done with a deadly weapon, the offense is considered to be a third degree felony and carries a prison sentence from two to ten years and a fine of up to $10,000. For this reason, if you are facing charges for resisting arrest, you must find an experienced Houston criminal attorney to help protect your legal rights.

At Chernoff Law, we represent clients charged with resisting arrest in Houston, Harris County, Fort Bend County, Galveston County, Montgomery County and Brazoria County. Our founding partner is a former chief prosecutor and has extensive experience in the courts and in all the processes and procedures of the criminal justice system. Resisting Arrest is a serious charge and we are relentless in our client’s defense.

Defense for Your Trial

At trial, we vigorously present our defenses; in some cases, we will argue that the police used excessive force and in others, that the defendant did not recognize them as police. In every case, we will strive to challenge inadequacies in the state’s proof and expose inaccuracies and/or lies in the testimony of state witnesses. Regardless of the extenuating circumstances, we will fight to create reasonable doubt. We have helped many clients obtain dismissals and acquittals in court. We urge you to contact us for a free consultation.