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About Child Abuse and Neglect

Have you been accused of child abuse?

We all understand the importance of caring for our children and take this duty very seriously. When Child Protective Services comes knocking at our door, it can change our lives forever. You feel strongly about your parental rights and about how you raise your children, and when accusations of child neglect or child abuse are made, it is not only frightening but can lead to a legal nightmare. If you or your spouse/partner has been accused of child neglect, you should take these allegations very seriously since you not only may be facing criminal liability but also can lose the custody of your children. Chernoff Law stands ready to provide immediate legal counsel.

It is very important for legislative bodies to take up the subject of child abuse and for law enforcement agencies to vigorously pursue these incidents. Unfortunately, suspicion and overreaction often rule the day in efforts to protect children. Equally as important as protecting our future is ensuring that our own dignity and legal rights are upheld and not steamrolled in cases in which the allegations are false or exaggerated. Families can be torn apart, reputations forever tarnished, and careers destroyed due to child abuse allegations. A conviction can bring not only lengthy prison terms, but also a lifetime of stigmatization and in some cases, compulsory sex offender registration.

Texas has clear definitions of what constitutes child neglect, surrounding the placement of a child into a situation where he/she stands at risk for substantial mental or physical harm and is not under necessary care. This can include such things as:

  • Placing a child into a harmful situation beyond his/her level of maturity or judgment abilities
  • Failing to obtain proper medical care for a child
  • Failing to provide a child with food, shelter or clothing and refusing offered relief services
  • Putting or failing to remove a child from a potentially harmful situation of sexual conduct

Protect your rights and your future!

Allegations of child neglect are extremely dangerous, and can lead to loss of custody of your children when Child Protective Services has gotten involved. Grievous damage to a family’s cohesion, a child’s future, and an adult’s reputation and legal rights can be caused by unjust accusations. Experienced and certified in both criminal and family law, the attorneys at Chernoff Law are committed to aggressively fighting child neglect charges and working hard towards a strong defense in your case. Protecting your rights as a parent is an urgent legal matter and should be addressed at once.

Strong Legal Representation in Houston

We understand that child abuse allegations are rife with the possibility of injustice, and we are committed to using our substantial legal ability and experience to protect the rights of accused clients. Our team at Chernoff Law is dedicated to offering intimate client care, personal communication, and an aggressive pursuit of the truth. We will work tirelessly to defend your good name and protect your rights during this very difficult time.