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Online Solicitation of a Minor

Solicitation in Houston

Law enforcement officials are becoming increasingly vigilant about investigating and pursuing suspects of online solicitation of minors. If you have been charged with online solicitation, or are even just under investigation for such an offense, it is imperative that you retain the services of a Houston sex crime lawyer right away. You may be facing very serious penalties, and a lawyer with considerable courtroom skills can increase your chances of a case outcome that ensures you will be fully exonerated of the charges.

Online solicitation of a minor involves soliciting a minor for sex through chatrooms, social networking sites, or other internet-based applications. This can include having sexually explicit conversations with a minor over the internet. Law enforcement officials frequently employ a wide variety of methods for catching someone engaging in online solicitation, including posing as minors themselves, in chatrooms and on other similar sites. Some of the methods they use may be regarded as entrapment, and a person charged with online solicitation is advised to retain an attorney who can investigate the possibility of rights violations occurring in the case.

Have you been arrested for online solicitation of a minor?

Chernoff Law is a knowledgeable law firm that provides legal assistance to those charged with sex crimes. We understand the implications that a sex crime conviction can have, including the destruction of a person’s personal and professional life, and that is why we work for our clients to ensure that their rights are fully upheld for the duration of their legal proceedings. Contact our offices if you have been charged with online solicitation, and we will employ all legal resources at our disposal in an effort to secure a wholly favorable outcome to your case.