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Prostitution Prosecutions

Most individuals arrested for prostitution in Houston, Fort Bend County or Galveston County occur as a result of sting operations. Officers pose as prostitutes, walking the streets or prowling hotel bars. They also pretend to be prostitutes on online services such as The purpose of these “stings” is to catch would be purchasers of sexual services.

Problems with the Investigation

We have observed that operations designed to crack down on prostitution are put into play sporadically. There is not usually a continuous operation in any one area. The reason for this should be obvious. If police are around, the sex providers and purchasers are likely to move elsewhere.

Often, the police are interested in arresting as many people as possible in one operation. As a result, they can get sloppy. Although they may attempt to record the transaction, we have found that the recordings are often of poor quality and incomprehensible. In addition, because of their zeal in making their quota of arrests, the information produced in their offense reports is usually inadequate or confused. It is important that anyone arrested for prostitution hire a lawyer who is willing to do the necessary investigation to determine whether the prosecution actually has sufficient evidence to make their case. Many times, they do not.

The Embarrassment of a Sex Arrest

Employers, future love interests and even divorce lawyers check the criminal record of their applicants and adversaries. There is hardly any crime more embarrassing than prostitution. It is absolutely necessary that a lawyer who represents a client charged with this crime be sensitive to this reality. At Chernoff Law, we don’t take this crime lightly. In every criminal case, including prostitution, we defend clients as if their life and future is at stake! If your are facing a prostitution charge, give us a call today.