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Spousal Abuse Attorney

Protecting Against False Domestic Violence Charges

We understand how important partners, spouses and family members are to our clients. We also understand the damage that can be caused by a heated disagreement or quarrel. Accusations of spousal abuse can result. Anyone can make an allegation of domestic violence, whether its true or not. However, a mere allegation can result in a charge of Assault, Domestic Violence or Spousal Abuse.  If police are called to your home, they will likely make an arrest. You will need to procure the help of a Houston domestic abuse attorney if faced with accusations of spousal abuse.

Spousal abuse accusations can easily be misused by individuals hoping to gain an upper hand in divorce or custody proceedings. By obtaining a protective order after an alleged domestic violence incident, a spouse can prevent you from taking a part in the lives of your children or obtain access to your possessions. In child custody or spousal support arrangements, these allegations can put you in a difficult bargaining position. Other unwanted repercussions can result, such as restriction of your right to carry a firearm, freedom to enlist in the armed forces or even your ability to be involved in certain professions. not to mention the possibility of incarceration.

Defending Your Rights Against Criminal Accusations, You Need a Houston Family Assault Attorney.

There are no justifiable excuses for abusing a spouse or anyone in one’s household, whether physically, mentally, or sexually. Sadly, when this powerful legal club is waved carelessly and unjustifiably, it not only harms your legal rights but also detracts attention from those who are actually experiencing the nightmare of spousal abuse. We at Chernoff Law are focused fully on ensuring that your rights are upheld, your dignity is maintained and your side of the story is told. You can put your whole trust in our firm’s experience and dedication to work compassionately and aggressively on every facet of your legal needs.

If you need help in defending yourself from an allegation of spousal abuse, feel confident in called Ed Chernoff at 713-222-9141.

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