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Terroristic Threat

Charges of Terroristic Threat

Threat and Intimidation as a Crime?

Being accused of threatening or intimidating another person may result in a charge of terroristic threat or telephone harassment, offenses prosecuted as violent crimes. Normally a threat that reasonably places another in fear of imminent bodily injury is charged as a Class B misdemeanor. No actual contact need be proven. When such threats or intimidation are against a family member, the charge is bumped up to a Class A, with the possibility of an affirmative finding of family violence. If convicted, such assaultive charges can have lifelong consequences. If you or a loved one has been arrested for threatening and intimidating or for domestic violence, you should speak to a Houston domestic violence attorney at Chernoff Law. We specialize in defending those who have been accused of domestic violence, spousal abuse or threatening and intimidating and our lawyers are dedicated to protecting the rights of each client and to providing them the best possible defense against their charges.

Many times, the defense of these cases turns on the requirement of “imminent” harm. A conditional threat, or a threat of bodily injury that is supposed to take place far into the future, is not likely to meet the definition of Terroristic Threat. Often, an action can both trigger a filing for Terroristic Threat and Harassment. The main difference between the two charges is the way the threat is communicated, harassment involving telephone or electronic communications.

Challenging Threatening and Intimidating Charges

Assault and threat charges can bring severe penalties if upon conviction. It is important to have an experienced and tenacious lawyer who understands the actions the prosecution will take to prove their case. We have all the necessary resources to investigate all the evidence and testimony to be used against you. Challenging such evidence and providing new testimony to defend your case are only a few of the steps we are prepared to take to challenge the prosecution’s case, or in early involvement in the case to seek to get it dismissed prior to filing. Ed Chernoff has years of experience as a former prosecutor. He has tried many of these cases and understands the workings of the criminal justice system and prosecutorial actions that are likely to take place in your case. Let him help you today!