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Information on Warrants

If a judge has issued a warrant for your arrest, you must understand what will be expected of you under the law. An arrest warrant is different from a bench warrant, although both are issued by a judge. A judge will issue an arrest warrant when enough evidence exists to suspect an individual with committing a crime or knowing significant information relevant to a crime. These orders notify police to seek out and arrest an individual so that person can be questioned about or charged with committing a crime.

An arrest warrant authorizes the police to take you into custody, and in some cases you may not be informed about the impending arrest until the police show up on your doorstep. It is essential that you contact a Houston criminal defense attorney specializing in arrest warrants as soon as you know one has been issued for you or a loved one in the Houston area.

You can avoid Arrest

Take control of the situation by contacting a criminal defense lawyer who can fight to keep you from being arrested and help you avoid criminal charges. You can find out more about the specific warrant that is out for your arrest by calling Chernoff Law today! We can check the necessary registries that may hold information about you.

We urge you to schedule a free and confidential consultation now with a criminal defense lawyer from our firm if an arrest warrant has been issued for you in the Houston area.

Bench Warrant

A bench warrant is a special warrant issued by a Judge on his or her own volition. These warrants have the same force and effect as an arrest warrant, and often times a Judge will involve the bailiff in the court in these arrests. If you suspect that you are being sought by order of the Judge, call Chernoff Law today to find out what you can do to avoid arrest.