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White Collar Criminal Defense

Generally speaking, white collar crimes are those that arise out of business dealings or corporate theft. These cases may involve CEOs or major executives. However, most of the white collar crimes we have handled did not involve the boss or chairman of the board. Any individual in a company who has access to valuable information, property or money can be accused if a loss occurs. Although often it is easy to prove a loss to a company,  it may be difficult to prove who benefited because of the lack of a clear paper trail. White collar crimes may be complex and may be committed over a long period of time. Investigations of these crimes requires the expertise of trained financial forensics specialists.

An individual accused of a white collar crime can face a damaged reputation and loss of other freedoms. Anyone arrested or under investigation for any type of financial crime should immediately contact a white collar criminal defense attorney before speaking with law enforcement.

White Collar Criminal Defense

Many white collar crimes are prosecuted in Federal Court, especially if the loss is in the millions of dollars. However, large counties like Harris, Montgomery and Fort Bend have their own divisions that investigate and prosecute corporate theft. No matter the prosecuting unit, convictions for white collar crimes are likely to carry severe punishments such as imprisonment, heavy fines, and long probation terms. Restitution is almost always required. The circumstances of the crime influences the Court’s sentencing decision. These circumstances include the involvement of a bank or lending institution, the number of victims, and the amount of loss or damage. There are many types of white collar crimes, for example:

Often individuals know before an arrest that they are being suspected of wrongdoing. In this circumstance, it is always best to speak with a white collar criminal defense attorney for legal advice and protection before charges are filed. An aggressive legal team can formulate an effective defense against charges presented by the prosecution. A defense can challenge prosecution evidence that relies on search and seizure warrants, arrest procedures, witness statements, and forensics. Make an appointment with a skilled white collar crime lawyer at our firm today for a free consultation.