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Credit Card Fraud Cases

Credit card fraud is a white collar crime and a form of theft. Credit card fraud encompasses many illegal activities through the use of a credit card to purchase services or items, receive cash or transfer money, or to in any way gain financially through the illegal or fraudulent use of a credit card. Credit card fraud is often a form of identity theft which occurs when one individual uses credit card information belonging to another person to obtain goods, services or money. If you have been accused of committing credit card fraud then contact a white collar crime lawyer immediately for a complete review of your case.

A conviction for credit card fraud can have very serious ramifications, including prison time, restitution and more. Specific penalties will vary depending on the circumstances of the case, the amount of money involved and the defendant’s criminal record, if any.

Challenging Credit Card Fraud Charges in Houston

Individuals accused of committing credit card fraud or any other white collar crime in the Houston area should immediately contact a criminal defense lawyer from Chernoff Law to seek legal advice and secure aggressive representation. Three of our partners are board certified in criminal law and we have a proven record of successfully defending clients against allegations of white collar crime in both the state and federal criminal systems. Your consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney is confidential. Contact our firm today for a comprehensive review of your case if you or a loved one has been accused committing credit card fraud in the Houston area. Our early involvement in the defense of your case can significantly affect the outcome.