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Whether Shoplifting, Fraud or White Color Theft, you need to employ a strong theft lawyer. to represent your interests…

When you need a Lawyer for your Family Assault case, your case depends on strong representation…

Nothing is more important than hiring a strong attorney for indecency of a child, sexual assault or rape…

If you need a lawyer for a drug crime drug possession or marijuana, call for strong representation…

Everything you wanted to know about pretrial intervention in Texas

Ed Chernoff 

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Houston

Charged with a Crime? Ed Chernoff is The Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston You Need On Your Side.

Serious criminal charges require serious representation. Not every criminal lawyer in Houston has the skill and talent to defend you in Court. It is a well-established fact that the skill and talent of your criminal defense lawyer will have an impact on the outcome of your case.

When you hire Chernoff Law, Ed Chernoff will represent you personally.

He is a tough defense attorney Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Chernoff has been re-certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization four times.

Chernoff has extensive experience defending people charged with felony and federal criminal charges. He spent five years as an Assistant District Attorney in Houston Texas and for the last 26 years has dedicated his life to defending people who need it most: those accused of criminal offenses.  He has handled thousands of cases in Texas and other states, ranging from Murder to Theft. Ed Chernoff has been featured in Texas Lawyer Magazine, and has made numerous appearances on national television, both for cases he has handled and as an expert consultant. In 2012 and 2013 he was awarded the designation of SuperLawyer by Texas SuperLawyers® magazine for his outstanding legal work, high ethical standards, and high peer recognition. Only 5% of the lawyers in Texas receive this designation. Texas Magazine has a named him one of Houston’s Top Lawyers since 2012.

Hire the Best Family Violence Lawyer in Houston.

Don’t let a regretted call to 911 ruin your life. Your wife or girlfriend may want to drop charges, but her desire alone isn’t going to change the course of your domestic violence case in Harris County or Fort Bend County. You need a strong and experienced attorney for your assault case. Call Ed Chernoff and he can help you get the dismissal you and your family needs to get on with your lives. READ MORE HERE.

Do You Need a Houston Theft Lawyer for Forgery or Shoplifting Case?

We have worked out hundreds of dismissals on Shoplifting cases in Harris County and Fort Bend County. Ed Chernoff is well known for being a strong attorney in theft cases. Educated in accounting, he is able to dissect any complicated fraud allegation. If you are accused of theft, no matter how big the accusation, you need to get a strong and experienced attorney. READ MORE HERE!


The Right Houston Drug Lawyer for A Possession Case in Houston and Fort Bend County Will Make All the Difference.

There are many ways to get a dismissal in your drug case. Ed Chernoff knows how to do it. Only an Attorney with experience will know how to fight your drug case through suppression. He can make the necessary arguments to the prosecutor that explains you had no knowledge of the presence of the Drug. It is also possible to obtain dismissal through a pre-trial diversion. However, you must hire the right experienced attorney for your Marijuana and Drug Case. READ MORE HERE.


Don’t Hire Just Any Lawyer for Indecency with a Child or Sexual Assault in Harris County.

There are very few lawyers in Harris County, Houston or Fort Bend County that have the experience necessary to defend you in an Indecency with a Child case. The possible punishment for a case of this nature is severe. Ed Chernoff is an attorney in Houston who has handled close to two hundred sexual assault and indecency with a child cases. He has tried more of these cases to a jury than nearly any other lawyer in Harris County with exceptional results. Let Ed Chernoff help you. READ MORE HERE.

Our Philosophy

Experienced Criminal  Attorney Board Certified in Criminal Law

Many times, before an arrest has occurred or before a case has been presented for indictment in Houston, Fort Bend or Galveston County,  it is possible to avoid prosecution if charged with a serious federal or felony crime. How can you get the charges dismissed, dropped, or no-billed as we say in the Courtroom? If you hire the best criminal defense lawyer. Take immediate action and hire an attorney. Because of Ed Chernoff’s experience as a former prosecutor, he has deep insight into how to address the most serious of criminal charges and can act before charges are filed. If an arrest has already been made, he will provide aggressive defense for individuals charged with all types of criminal offenses including Sexual Assault, Fraud and DWI. In the last 22 years, Ed Chernoff has handled nearly every type of criminal case in Houston, other Texas Counties and Federal Court. Having a  lawyer who is Board Certified as an expert in criminal law makes all the difference in your defense. This is especially so in the state of Texas, where less than 5% of the lawyers are Board Certified, and fewer than those in criminal law.

Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are accused of what is considered a violent crime, such as Sexual Assault of a Child, you are in an extremely tough situation. Texas law enforcement and the judicial system are tough on crime, but more so when it comes to the most violent crimes. Houston in particular, because of its large population, has a large number of Robberies, Rapes and Manslaughter cases.The number of individuals arrested for DWI in Houston, Fort Bend and Galveston County tops the country, even though the crime rates compare favorably with other large metropolis areas. Fort Bend County and Montgomery County in particular are growing far quicker than other parts of the country, Simply because of the increase in population there is a greater likelihood of arrests for crimes such as resisting arrest, drug Possession, firearm offenses and DWI, just to name a few. There is no doubt that criminal prosecution is a growth industry. Fort Bend, Montgomery and Harris Counties have built new facilities for criminal courts in the last few years. The number of crimes, both state and federal, has increased tremendously as well.

Criminal Charges

Ed Chernoff understands that no two criminal cases are alike, and no two clients are the same. He is comprehensive in the scope of his representation, and he handles cases like assault and juvenile crimes with the same level of expertise and dedication as he does a far reaching Federal Crimelike Bank Fraud , Mortgage Fraud or some other white collar crime like identity theft. In cases where a child is involved, he understands the extremely sensitive nature of the case. He has tremendous success in cases involving child abuse, kidnapping and, child pornography and other sex crimes. He represents people charged with misdemeanors like disorderly conduct, and Hit and Run with the utmost discretion and seriousness. Even after a client has pled and is placed on probation or is on parole he uses his vast experience to help in the event of  parole and probation violations. There is truly no type of case that Ed Chernoff has not handled before!

Compassionate and Dedicated to Clients

Most of the clients who come to see us have never been in trouble with the law before and have no  past dealings with the criminal legal system. That is one reason why we provide so much information on our website. We know how frightening the legal process can be. We think if you know about the firm, and know more about how to hire an attorney, when you visit with our lawyer Ed Chernoff you will feel confident that our firm should be your choice.

Drug Charges

Houston, as a result of its proximity to the Mexican border, and being at the cross roads of three major U.S. highways, has been identified by police and law enforcement agencies throughout the nation as a city with a drug problem. Through Houston and Beaumont, active trafficking takes place for drugs coming into the United States, and to and from other states. Recently, law enforcement has also been focusing on the illegal possession of prescribed controlled substances, heroin and meth.

The Houston Police Department has actively targeted drug crimes, and with the aid of the FBI and DEA has formed operational divisions for targeting trafficking. Those who are under investigation by law enforcement should seek the help and protection of an experienced criminal defense lawyer, like Ed Chernoff, immediately. We may be able to obtain a dismissal for you by attacking the search and seizure that gave rise to your arrest and charge. Give us a call before your case gets out of hand!

Contacting the right Criminal Lawyer as soon as possible will make the difference.

Your case will always be important to us. Ed Chernoff has a reputation for taking on difficult cases other attorneys do not feel equipped to handle. As a result, Ed Chernoff is referred many cases, both by former clients and other lawyers. He often travels to other counties and other States for serious cases to help the attorneys in that community. He can help you. We invite you to review our legal biographies and read our client testimonials. Then set up an appointment for a free initial consultation. Your choice in legal counsel may prove to be the most important choice you will make in your life. Contact us today!

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