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Pasadena Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Attorney in Pasadena, TX Defends Clients in Harris County and Throughout Southeast Texas 

Facing the criminal justice system can be quite intimidating. This is especially true since your future hangs in the balance. Fortunately, you don’t have to face your charges on your own. Attorney Edward Chernoff, a top-rated Pasadena Criminal defense lawyer will fight to protect your rights and best interests. 

Attorney Edward Chernoff has assisted thousands of clients facing criminal charges in Harris County and throughout the state of Texas. With more than 35 years of experience working in the criminal justice system, he provides a creative and tailored approach to criminal defense. Our law firm is committed and equipped to provide clients facing criminal charges with the assistance they need. 

Contact our law firm today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced criminal attorney in Pasadena, TX. Learn about your rights and the legal options that are available to you. 

Facing Criminal Charges and Have Questions? Leading Criminal Defense Attorney Ed Chernoff Can Protect You. Call Our Office Today at 713-222-9141 or Fill Out Our Convenient Online Contact Form For a Free Consultation.

Legal Services in Pasadena, TX

Attorney Edward Chernoff has been a reliable pillar in the Pasadena, Texas legal community, specializing in a diverse array of legal matters in both State and Federal Courts since 1991. Below is a list of the our most frequently provided legal services:

  • Criminal Defense in Pasadena, TX
  • Theft Crime Defense in Pasadena, TX
  • Assault Crime Defense in Pasadena, TX
  • Sex Crime Defense in Pasadena, TX
  • Drug Crime Defense in Pasadena, TX
  • Federal Crime Defense in Pasadena, TX
  • Probation Violation Defense in Pasadena, TX
  • Violent Crime Defense in Pasadena, TX
  • DWI/DUI Defense in Pasadena, TX
  • And More

Widely recognized as a resilient criminal defense attorney, Edward Chernoff has built a reputation for his unwavering dedication to achieving optimal outcomes for his clients. His history of success includes securing no-bills and dismissals across a broad spectrum of criminal cases—ranging from murder and sexual assault to theft, controlled substance possession, and DUI offenses. If you are in need of skilled legal counsel, Edward Chernoff is prepared to assist. He offers free initial consultations, providing an immediate opportunity to discuss your individual circumstances confidentially. You are strongly encouraged to reach out as swiftly as possible to arrange a consultation.

Experienced Pasadena Criminal Defense Lawyer Helping Clients to Navigate the Legal Process: Comprehensive Support from Arraignment to Verdict

The criminal justice system in Texas can be confusing and even daunting to face on your own. Things can move quickly. Everything can seem like a blur from the moment you are arrested to the time you face the judge. It helps to have an experienced Pasadena criminal defense attorney walking you. 

Attorney Edward Chernoff is committed to providing high-quality legal services to those who need them. He will walk with you every step of the way. He will guide you and represent you: 

  • During your arraignment. This is when you appear before a judge after being arrested and charged with a crime. The judge will read your charges and you will be asked to enter your plea. 
  • In investigating your case and building a strong defense. Our team will examine the evidence against you and devise an effective strategy for your defense. We will investigate the circumstances of your case and identify evidence that will support your defense. We will build a strong defense on your behalf. 
  • In negotiating for a plea deal. We will determine whether entering a plea deal would be a good option for you. We will negotiate a plea with the prosecution and ensure your rights and best interests are protected 
  • During trial. We will argue your case in front of a judge and jury. We will present evidence to support your defense and poke holes in the prosecution’s case.
  • In contesting the verdict and exploring appellate options. Should the outcome of your trial not be favorable, Attorney Edward Chernoff remains committed to exploring every avenue of legal redress. From filing post-trial motions aimed at challenging the verdict to formally appealing the decision, he will undertake a rigorous assessment of your case to identify any legal errors or procedural shortcomings that might provide a basis for appeal. By doing so, he aims to ensure that your rights are upheld, and justice is served—even when faced with an unfavorable initial outcome.

With a comprehensive approach that encompasses these five critical stages, Edward Chernoff delivers an all-encompassing legal service tailored to your specific circumstances. Trusting your case to him means engaging a seasoned legal advocate who will stand by your side from the initial arraignment to any necessary appellate actions.

Areas and Communities We Serve in Pasadena, TX

Pasadena Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing criminal charges, it is important to do all that you can to fight the charges. Attorney Edward Chernoff is committed to fighting on behalf of clients charged with criminal offenses in Pasadena and the surrounding areas, including:

  • Allendale
  • Bayport
  • Baywood Oaks
  • Baywood Shadows
  • Brookwood
  • Burke Meadows
  • Burkeshire[citation needed]
  • Clear Lake City (Pasadena)
  • Country Meadows
  • Deepwater
  • El Jardin del Mar
  • Golden Acres
  • Old Downtown
  • Parkland Village
  • Parkview Estates
  • Parkview Manor
  • Parkview South
  • Pasadena River Oaks
  • Red Bluff Terrace
  • Turtle Creek
  • Village Grove East
  • Village Grove East Townhomes
  • Village Grove
  • Vista Villas

Should you find yourself facing criminal charges in Pasadena, it’s imperative to adhere to the correct legal protocols to minimize the risk of an unjust trial. The prosecution will employ rigorous measures to substantiate their claims, and it’s vital that you do likewise. As a seasoned criminal defense attorney serving the Pasadena area, Edward Chernoff is well-equipped to advocate for you, striving to attain the most favorable outcome in your case. To arrange for a case evaluation, you are invited to reach out via phone, visit the office, or complete the online contact form. Allow Edward Chernoff to guide you through the necessary procedures to effectively challenge a conviction in your case.

About Criminal Matters in Pasadena, TX 

Pasadena is a city located in the southeastern part of Texas. It is located about 20 miles southeast of downtown Houston. This makes it a part of the Greater Houston area and the Houston metropolitan area. It is known for its strong industrial and manufacturing presence with a focus on the petrochemical and oil refining sectors.

Pasadena isn’t among the safest neighborhoods to live in. With a crime rate of 36.57 per 1,000 people, the city has a crime rate that is slightly higher than the national average. It is in fact ranked in the 37th percentile when it comes to safety. This means that it is safer than only 37 percent of cities in the country. 

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in Pasadena don’t leave your future to chance. Contact Attorney Chernoff, an experienced and skilled criminal attorney in Pasadena, TX for quality representation. 

Chernoff Law is Committed to Answering Your Questions. We Offer a Free Consultation and Will Gladly Discuss Your Case With You at Your Convenience. Contact Us Today to Schedule an Appointment.

Legal and Court Resources in Pasadena

Pasadena Municipal Court

1114 Davis St
Pasadena, TX 77506
Phone: (713) 475-5562

Pasadena Police Department

1201 Davis St
Pasadena, TX 77506
Phone: (713) 477-1221

Contact Chernoff Law to Consult with an Experienced Pasadena Criminal Defense Lawyer 

Facing criminal charges can be daunting. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through this difficult time on your own. Contact Chernoff Law to speak with Attorney Edward Chernoff, an experienced and top-rated criminal attorney in Pasadena, TX Attorney Chernoff is committed to providing those charged with crimes the best possible defense. He will help you understand your situation, rights, and options better so you can make informed decisions. 

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our aggressive and skilled Pasadena criminal defense lawyer. Get answers to your questions and ensure that you have an expert in criminal law fighting in your corner. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Facing Criminal Charges in Pasadena, TX

When should I hire a Pasadena criminal defense lawyer?

If you have been charged or arrested for a crime in Pasadena, you should get in touch with an experienced criminal attorney as soon as possible. You should also hire an attorney when you are being investigated in connection with a crime. This is true even if you haven’t been arrested. Getting an attorney involved in your case early will help to mitigate the negative impact of the arrest and charges. Hiring an attorney will greatly improve the outcome of your case.

Should I answer the police’s questions?

No. Remember that you have the right to remain silent when you have been arrested or are taken into custody by police officers for any reason. It is in your best interests to exercise this right until you have had the opportunity to speak with an experienced Pasadena criminal defense lawyer. You may make a mistake and say something that could jeopardize your case. Simply politely inform the police officers that you are exercising your right to remain silent and ask if you can speak to a lawyer. When you do this, the police officers ought to stop asking questions and allow you to consult with your attorney. 

Attorney Edward Chernoff, an experienced criminal attorney in Pasadena, TX acts swiftly to protect the rights of clients charged with crimes. He will work to get your charges dismissed or reduced. He will represent you in negotiating a plea bargain and advocate for your rights in court. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation and give yourself the best chance at securing a favorable outcome in your case.

Reviews Matter

"Ed Chernoff is truly an amazing lawyer and person. He was able to get my felony charge DISMISSED by the Grand Jury in only 2 weeks! Thank you Mr. Chernoff for being the very best you could be and for helping so many others like me. You are a blessing."
- Reggie Kerr

"Mr. Chernoff was adamant about not having me plead guilty to my case and was able to completely wipe my record of the incident. Ed was very prompt, professional, and excellent at explaining where we were in the process and what to expect. I highly recommend him. He is an excellent lawyer."
- Jeff Stautner

"I could not have made a better decision in hiring Ed. He put my fears at ease and helped me get my case dismissed and my life back on track. I would highly recommend hiring Ed and letting him do the same for you."
- Jordan Charles

"I don’t have the words to express how grateful we are for Mr. Chernoff and his team. They always kept us updated and were available for any questions we had. They were able to obtain the best possible outcome. I would definitely use him again and highly recommend him."
- Susan Purdy
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