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Cypress Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Attorney in Cypress, TX Fights on Behalf of Clients Accused of Crimes in Harris County and Throughout Southeast Texas

If you’re facing criminal prosecution in Cypress, TX you may be anxious and even stressed. This is especially the case for those who have never been arrested before. Fortunately, you don’t have to face this ordeal on your own. You can rely on Chernoff Law to provide you with the services of an experienced Cypress criminal defense lawyer. 

Attorney Edward Chernoff is a highly experienced criminal defense attorney. He has successfully defended thousands of clients facing a variety of criminal issues. Our law firm is dedicated to fighting on behalf of those accused of crimes. Attorney Edward Chernoff has gained a reputation for being an experienced, smart, and skilled criminal attorney. 

Reach out to Chernoff Law for a free case evaluation by an experienced criminal attorney in Cypress, TX. You can trust us to provide you with high-quality legal services and pursue a favorable resolution to your criminal case. 

Facing Criminal Charges and Have Questions? Leading Criminal Defense Attorney Ed Chernoff Can Protect You. Call Our Office Today at 713-222-9141 or Fill Out Our Convenient Online Contact Form For a Free Consultation.

Chernoff Law Takes All Types of Criminal Cases in Cypress, TX 

Attorney Edward Chernoff is a highly experienced and skilled criminal attorney in Cypress, TX with experience representing clients facing a variety of state and federal charges including: 

  • Assault 
  • Intoxicated drinking 
  • Drug crimes 
  • Domestic violence 
  • Theft 
  • Aggravated assault 
  • Sex crimes 
  • Weapons offenses 
  • Resisting arrest 
  • White collar crimes 
  • Violent crimes 
  • Trespassing 
  • Disorderly conduct 
  • Terroristic threats 
  • Juvenile crimes 
  • Hit and run 
  • Parole and probation violations 

No matter what your criminal case involves, you can rely on our attorney to defend you. 

Why You Need an Experienced Cypress Criminal Defense Lawyer 

Cypress Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged, arrested, or are under investigation in connection with a crime, you have the constitutional right to seek the representation of an experienced attorney. While the law maintains that you will be considered innocent until proven guilty, there is no guarantee that your case will have a favorable outcome. It is important to ensure that you have a strong legal defense. Hiring an experienced Cypress criminal defense lawyer will ensure that your rights and interests are protected. 

Attorney Edward Chernoff is an experienced criminal defense attorney with a deep understanding of criminal law in Texas. He will review your case and investigate it to uncover evidence to support your case. Our team will devise a strong defense on your behalf. We will fight to secure a favorable outcome on your behalf. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Chernoff Law to schedule a consultation with an experienced criminal attorney in Cypress, TX, and get answers to your questions. 

About Criminal Matters in Cypress, TX 

Cypress is an unincorporated community located in the southeastern part of Texas. It is located in Harris County and is only 24 miles northwest of downtown Houston. Cypress offers residents a suburban feel. Many residents are able to enjoy the benefits of suburban living while still being able to access big city amenities from Houston and other major cities in the area.

Cypress has experienced tremendous growth and development over the years with many residential neighborhoods, shopping centers, and businesses establishing themselves in the area. The community is considered relatively safe. Its crime rate of 15.58 per 1,000 residents is far below the national average. 

If you have been accused of committing a crime in Cypress, reach out to Attorney Edward Chernoff an experienced and skilled criminal attorney Cypress, TX for quality legal representation. 

Contact Chernoff Law to Consult with an Experienced Cypress Criminal Defense Lawyer 

Facing criminal charges can seem lonely and overwhelming. Fortunately, you don’t have to face your case on your own. Reach out to Chernoff Law for confidential consultation with Attorney Edward Chernoff, an experienced and skilled criminal attorney in Cypress, TX. Have your questions answered in a safe and confidential space and learn about your rights and the options available to you. 

Attorney Edward Chernoff has a proven track record of successfully defending those accused of crimes in Harris County and throughout Texas. You can rely on our team to protect your reputation and your freedom. Contact us now to schedule your consultation and take that first step in protecting your rights. 

Chernoff Law is Committed to Answering Your Questions. We Offer a Free Consultation and Will Gladly Discuss Your Case With You at Your Convenience. Contact Us Today to Schedule an Appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Facing Criminal Charges in Cypress, TX

I am innocent. Should I try to talk it out with the police?

While anyone accused of a crime is presumed innocent until they are proven guilty, don’t assume that simply talking it out with law enforcement officers will help to clear things up. Law enforcement officers are trained to ask questions designed to obtain as much information as possible from those under their custody. They may ask questions that trip you up and make your situation worse. You may end up providing incriminating information.
Even if you are innocent, it is best to seek the counsel and representation of an experienced Cypress criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Edward Chernoff will act swiftly to secure your freedom and get your charges dropped or reduced. We will help you avoid making mistakes that could jeopardize your case. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and ensure you have the best legal defense fighting in your corner.

Can I be denied bail?

Yes. The decision of whether or not you should be granted bail will depend on various reasons. People charged with crimes may be denied bail if they are arrested and charged for a crime while they are out on probation or parole for another criminal charge. In Texas, bail is often denied for those charged with serious violent crimes. The judge may also deny you bail if there is reason to believe that you may flee or fail to appear before the court for your hearings and trial. If you have served two or more jail terms on separate occasions, you are also likely to be denied bail. 

If you’re facing criminal charges it is vital that you seek the guidance and representation of an experienced and knowledgeable criminal attorney in Cypress, TX. Attorney Edward Chernoff will fight to secure your freedom. Contact our law firm now to schedule a consultation.

Reviews Matter

"Ed Chernoff is truly an amazing lawyer and person. He was able to get my felony charge DISMISSED by the Grand Jury in only 2 weeks! Thank you Mr. Chernoff for being the very best you could be and for helping so many others like me. You are a blessing."
- Reggie Kerr

"Mr. Chernoff was adamant about not having me plead guilty to my case and was able to completely wipe my record of the incident. Ed was very prompt, professional, and excellent at explaining where we were in the process and what to expect. I highly recommend him. He is an excellent lawyer."
- Jeff Stautner

"I could not have made a better decision in hiring Ed. He put my fears at ease and helped me get my case dismissed and my life back on track. I would highly recommend hiring Ed and letting him do the same for you."
- Jordan Charles

"I don’t have the words to express how grateful we are for Mr. Chernoff and his team. They always kept us updated and were available for any questions we had. They were able to obtain the best possible outcome. I would definitely use him again and highly recommend him."
- Susan Purdy
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