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Understanding Harassment Charges

Many people confuse stalking with harassment. Harassment, under Texas Law, is limited to communications that harass, annoy, abuse, torment or embarrass. Obviously, this is a vague definition. What one person might consider to be a normal telephone call, the recipient may consider annoying. In practice, law enforcement finds harassment difficult to charge as well. Far and away, the most harassment charges result from repeated phone calls, texts, or hang ups over a brief period of time. 50 phone calls in an hour is likely to be considered excessive and annoying by anyone’s definition!

Most harassment claims result from disagreements between friends or former lovers. As a result, harassment charges are sometimes handled by special domestic violence prosecutors. If you or a loved one has been charged with telephone harassment, assault or terroristic threat, you should immediately speak to a Houston domestic violence lawyer at Chernoff Law and get a free phone consultation to discuss the details of your case.

Penalties for Harassment in Houston, TX

Harassment, whether by telephone or other electronic medium, is considered a serious crime by prosecutors. A first time offense will be charged as a misdemeanor but if a protective order or magistrate’s restraining order is in place, other crimes could be charged. If convicted, the accused will face penalties that can include fines, jail time and a permanent criminal record. A harassment charge can be charged as stalking if the prosecution believes that bodily injury has been threatened. This type of charge carries with it a felony designation. Don’t wait to get legal representation. Call our offices today and learn how we can protect and defend your rights and freedom.

Our attorneys have years of experience defending those who have been accused of domestic violence and harassment charges. Here at Chernoff Law, we have many years of working as former prosecutors and now use our legal talents to defend those accused of domestic violence and other criminal charges. Our firm is dedicated to vigorously investigating the circumstances of your arrest and will fight to get your harassment charges dismissed or reduced, or seek an acquittal at trial.

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