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Legal Services in Sugar Land, TX

Experienced Attorney Defending Individuals Accused of Crimes in Fort Bend County and Throughout Texas

I’m Sugar Land criminal defense attorney Ed Chernoff, and I’ve been representing clients in  Sugar Land and throughout Texas in a wide variety of legal matters in State and Federal Court since 1991. Here is a list of the most common legal services I provide:

  • Criminal Defense in Sugar Land, TX
  • Theft Crime Defense in Sugar Land, TX
  • Assault Crime Defense in Sugar Land, TX
  • Sex Crime Defense in Sugar Land, TX
  • Drug Crime Defense in Sugar Land, TX
  • Federal Crime Defense in Sugar Land, TX
  • Probation Violation Defense in Sugar Land, TX
  • Violent Crime Defense in Sugar Land, TX
  • DWI/DUI Defense in Sugar Land, TX
  • And More

I am a well-known criminal defense lawyer, having earned my reputation as someone who never gives up until my client gets the best possible outcome in their case. I’ve helped my clients get no-bills and dismissals in a wide range of criminal cases, such as murder, sexual assault, theft, possession of a controlled substance, driving while intoxicated, and more, and I think I can help you too. I’d be happy to talk with you about your situation as soon as you’re ready, and I’ll do so during a free consultation. Please get in touch with me as soon as possible to set up a meeting.

Areas and Communities Served in Sugar Land, TX

Legal Services in Sugar Land, TX
  • Alcorn Bend
  • Austin Meadows
  • Austin Park
  • Avalon
  • Brazos Landing
  • Colony Bend
  • Colony Cove
  • Colony Grant
  • Colony Woods

Legal and Court Resources in Sugar Land

Sugar Land Municipal Court
1200 Hwy 6
Sugar Land, TX 77478
Phone: 281-275-2560 | Fax: 281-275-2648
Automated Payment Line: 281-275-2390
Hours of Operation
Regular Court Business Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Arraignments: Held Tuesday through Friday starting at 9 a.m. (check-in by 8:00 a.m.)

Sugar Land Justice Court
12919 Dairy Ashford Road
Sugar Land, Texas, 77478
Phone: 281-491-6016
Fax: 281-242-2706

Contact Me Today For a Free Consultation

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Sugar Land, make sure you follow the proper procedures to avoid an unfair trial. The prosecution will go to great lengths to prove their case, and you should do the same. I am a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Sugar Land who can help you fight back and get the best possible result in your criminal case. To set up a time for me to look at your case, please call me, come to my office, or fill out my online contact form. Let me help you figure out what steps you need to take to fight a conviction in your case.

Reviews Matter

"Ed Chernoff is truly an amazing lawyer and person. He was able to get my felony charge DISMISSED by the Grand Jury in only 2 weeks! Thank you Mr. Chernoff for being the very best you could be and for helping so many others like me. You are a blessing."
- Reggie Kerr

"Mr. Chernoff was adamant about not having me plead guilty to my case and was able to completely wipe my record of the incident. Ed was very prompt, professional, and excellent at explaining where we were in the process and what to expect. I highly recommend him. He is an excellent lawyer."
- Jeff Stautner

"I could not have made a better decision in hiring Ed. He put my fears at ease and helped me get my case dismissed and my life back on track. I would highly recommend hiring Ed and letting him do the same for you."
- Jordan Charles

"I don’t have the words to express how grateful we are for Mr. Chernoff and his team. They always kept us updated and were available for any questions we had. They were able to obtain the best possible outcome. I would definitely use him again and highly recommend him."
- Susan Purdy
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