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Violent Crime Lawyer

The State of Texas is focused on crimes that involve the potential for loss of life or serious injury. For obvious reasons, an accused is substantially more likely to go to prison for the commission of a crime of violence than for any other category of crime. When a weapon is alleged to have been involved, punishment may be enhanced and parole may be limited. Some types of violent crimes include:

You Will Need a Good, Experienced, Violent Crime Lawyer

A person arrested and accused of committing a violent crime needs an aggressive legal team experienced in defending against criminal charges. Violent crimes are serious and can result in a long prison sentence. We have handled numerous murder and robbery cases, resulting in acquittal and sometimes probation. In one case we tried involving a bank robbery, the prosecution offer prior to trial was 40 years. Although the robbery involved several weapons and a video showing our client waiving two guns, the jury sentenced our client to 5 years. In one Murder case, involving a stabbing, our client received deferred adjudication after our investigation. Many of our Aggravated Robbery cases have been reduced to Robbery, and several of our Aggravated Assault cases have been reduced to a misdemeanor.

If you are accused of any crime classified as violent,  It is important to contact an experienced Houston criminal defense attorney early for legal advice and guidance to avoid making a mistake that could cost you at trial. With a violent crime lawyer, you will be able to effectively assert your fifth amendment privileges, and silence in the face of an accusation could be used against you in the prosecutions case. Call Chernoff Law today for a free consultation!